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Ownership By A Business Of Copyrights

The value of many corporations and LLCs can rely heavily on the copyrights owned or licensed by the business. However, the value of these copyrights can be compromised or lost if a license or assignment for the full life of the copyrights is not properly secured in the business. When securing ownership of copyrights a business in California also needs to be mindful of California's unemployment insurance and labor laws.

About Continuation Patent Applications

There are times when a first-filed patent application discloses patentable subject matter that has not been successfully claimed at the end of the prosecution of the first-filed application. A second application containing substantially the same disclosure of the first-filed application may be filed seeking to claim such subject matter as long as the first-filed application is still pending and a proper claim of priority is made back to the first-filed application. Such a second-filed application is called a "continuation application". This post discusses some of the reasons behind pursuing continuation patent applications.

Intellectual Property Rights Audits

Almost all modern businesses use or create intellectual property rights regularly. Operating a business blindly with respect to intellectual property rights is dangerous on many levels. The intellectual property rights audit is one important tool that a business can use to help it secure valuable legal rights and avoid expensive legal trouble.

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